Investing in Botswana


Before I get you drawn in I must announce a disclaimer. This article is not about investing currency in Botswana for a return in monetary terms. Instead, it is about investing in Botswana in the hope that you get a return on your investment in a way much more valuable than an increase in monetary worth. I’m deliberately being vague about what exactly this return is, but it will become clearer as you continue to read on.

As you probably have read in my previous posts: I have a mentor by the name of David Villa Clarke – most call him DVC for short. DVC struggled through adversity as a young man and came through it to be the Head of Business Development at a very respectable financial advisory firm: Towry. DVC explained to me that his mentor Patricia Novik inspired him to give back. Incidentally, his new pursuit would become a life-long investment with high returns.

DVC set up Project Volunteer – a charitable organisation involving a group of volunteers who travel to Botswana once a year to engage with orphaned children. The objective is to make a positive impact on the lives of these children through daily activities.

Find out more information here:

To raise money for this event I decided to take part in the Bristol Half Marathon. If you see the size of me you would notice that I was not “made for long-distance running”. It was personally challenging for me because I knew I would have to give up smoking. I would also have to become fit again. I haven’t committed to a high level of sport/fitness since I was 18 and a part of a semi-professional football club. I frequent the gym on occasion but for strength and not stamina. Through running the race I’ve been able quit smoking with very few relapses and increase my health.

I’ve now completed the race. I aimed for a time of 2hrs and 30mins. I did so in 2hrs and 25mins. I’m proud of that fact.

I’m aiming to raise £1,200 before the end of October 2014.

Please donate here:

The investment I talk about in the beginning is you giving your money, and us spending our time to help the orphaned children. Your return will knowing you’ve helped bring smiles across the faces of many orphaned children in Botswana.


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